Bespoke Furniture


Custom Made Furniture - Bespoke Design Service

Founded in 2019, Atelier Refined born from a passion for retro design especially from the 30s and 70s. Base on an aesthetic that blends past with present, vintage with contemporary.

 As those years, the furniture shapes are original with pure and curved lines, including materials such as stainless steel, glass and plexiglass.

 The influence of the Art Deco period, is reflected in the sleek lines and the precious shiny materials like polished bronze, chrome and lacquered woods.

 A mix of styles, periods and materials... Minimalist, luxurious, refined, with a strong attention to details... Suspended in time beetween past and present… Here is what best describes Atelier Refined creations.

All our pieces are individually produced in our workshop using the greatest care and the highest quality materials.

We collaborate with a trusted team of master craftsmen, who combine traditional and modern techniques, allowing us to employ an extensive range of materials for an unparalleled result.

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